måndag 30 november 2009

Grande Roue de Paris

Isabella took a picture of me...

..when I was taking a picture of..

söndag 29 november 2009

Vous aves du feau, s'il vous plait?

Last night was crazy!!!

We ate tortillas..
Riina looked beautiful
Emppu gave Lillis a hug
Mert knows how to strike a pose

we had a little troubble deciding where to go...

We ended up in this crazy club, Le Vains Douche, and danced the night away!


I finally found the perfect pair of Levi's 501! After a little DIY they look like this:



I found them in a little vintage shop in Marais,Vintage Desir 32 Rue Des Rosiers, Paris

fredag 27 november 2009


So, here I am in Paris and finally got the time to start blogging as I told everybody I would!

First things first, I live with Issa in this fancy area in Paris.
I work at Slides models management. My booker, Jenny, is amaizing.

I have been running around Paris, sitting home with Issa watching Moomin and been out partying. (running away from homeless people, beeing kicked out from a taxi, loving gay people, falling and looking like a person gone troug a bad botox operation. And that was Issa btw:D)

Here people love to ask me all sorts of questions. I been asked about where something is about 20 times(do I really look that confident walking around here? obviously I have no idea where anything is),"Can you take a picture?"(Oui oui) "Can I buy you a drink?"(It was a free bar) ," Do you want weed?" (haha, never), "Do you want to merry me?" (No), "Do you want to join the circus?" (Tempting, but..NO)Do you want to be in a interview for FASHION TV?"( NONONONO.. too late... they allready had the camera in my face and I heard myself was telling about how much I love to buy clothes for christmas presents to my friends and family(WTF?). I swear I had räkää coming out from my nose!!

And then I srecwed up at Sonia Rykiels today, but what happend I'll tell you in person.

Isabella made me a dress. It's from her summer collection. I Love It!