onsdag 30 december 2009

Until that light hits me, I'm a mess

Turist tip 2: Musicals

picture: Billy Elliot

Broadway musicals!
When visiting New York, Broadway musical is a must see!!!
I have seen Beauty& the Beast, Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys and few days ago Billy Elliot.
Every single one of them have been absolutely marvelous.

tisdag 29 december 2009


One of my favorite photographer is David LaChapelle. Turns out my second cousins girlfriend is working for him. Awesome!!

Dollhouse Disaster 1997


fredag 25 december 2009


You probably already have seen this:


Paris Fasion Part 2

Every woman in Paris has a Longchamp bag!

I think I'll have to stay in Paris for a very long time before I'll dig up mine...

..and then the other odd thing...

Parisians mix silver and gold. One ring can be gold, the other silver. Or silver
necklace and gold bracelets. Gray t-shirt and golden rings...

(but this I think is cool)

onsdag 23 december 2009

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda


Let's disco!

Parisians party to this:

The thing is, they might be serious!!

(Seriously, how do I get the video here?? Jeppi?)

Paris Fashion

So, How does the most stylish city in the world dress?

I would put the Parisians trends in 4 groups:
1) those who don't care at all
2) those who take the metro and wear designer clothes
3) mainstreamers
4) Balmania/ Emannuel Alters/ blackblackblack

1) no need to explain more about these people
2) normal stylish people. When you look closer you realise they have a Louis Vuitton bag, Gucci bag, Burberry everything, Dolce&Gabbana boots... They are wearing a well fitting trench coat(both men&women) and mocha shoes.
3) all stars, UGGs, black down jacket(open), scarf, blue skinny jeans or leggings

Teenage girls outside Louvre

4) Parisienne! This is how I want to look! black, leather, fur, heels, denim, sholder pads, velvet, stripes!! And the hair has to be a bit messy!:D


In New York this is my fragrance

..in Paris

I haven't figured out my Helsinki fragrance yet..hmm


I woke up at 6 am. Shopping starts early!

Picture: taken by me, last christmas, Top of the rock

Turist tip: Forget Empire State Building, go to Top of the Rock!

fredag 18 december 2009


Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana

I love this!!!

Last night two DJ's saved my life!

Dj Trouble & Spahgettiboy, Fat & Ez, Jacob D Stephenson & Richard McCormick

The hottest,crazyest,flashest,nastiest DJ's in Helsinki!


Gilles et Dada

Two amazing people design amazing clothes
Jasmin & Fede= Gilles et Dada

Visit their shop at Albertinkatu 22

Photo by Federico Cabrera

torsdag 17 december 2009

Goodbye Paris

Im going home today!!
And coming back for fashion week!

picture from sacre coeur

onsdag 16 december 2009

Baby bring me flowers!

(Flowers=Vogue. I hate flowers- I love Vogue)

In Finland Vogue cost like millions and millions. Here 4,95€



Outfit, shoes, jeans and sweater from Paris.
I lovelovelove the sweater, leather details! From Kiliwatch.

fredag 11 december 2009



(I don't know how to put the video here:/)

Monki business

H&M is opening a big new store at Aleksanterinkatu and Monki and Weekday will be opend in the same complex! JEJ!

söndag 6 december 2009

Cheap Love

I found my heart in Paris for 15 euros!

lördag 5 december 2009


Isabella is a crazy little sweetheart! She lets me sleep on her couch and takes me out to see the best of Paris. Follow her exiting fashion designer student life at http://www.parisjetaime.papper.fi

fredag 4 december 2009

Likes this!

Pictures taken here in Paris. I actually reallyreallyreally love these!

Photo by Nathalie Rychetnik

tisdag 1 december 2009


Today I went to the Balmain Office.
They measured every inch of my body.
Put me in ridiculously adorable clotches.
And took some pictures.
I love my job.
Christophe Decarnin is basically the man dictating to world what to wear right now.
Highly padded shoulders, metal-epauletted military tailcoats, tattered t-shirts, bullet belts, stained and holed jeans, raggedy suede and leather loincloths...

Balmain is absolutely one of my favorites.
I think it is like Emmanuelle Alt meets rock n' roll or something.
(actually I was right, they had this mood board of Emmanuelle in the office:D, inside information,hihi)
pictures: style.com

Christophe Decarnin

måndag 30 november 2009

Grande Roue de Paris

Isabella took a picture of me...

..when I was taking a picture of..

söndag 29 november 2009

Vous aves du feau, s'il vous plait?

Last night was crazy!!!

We ate tortillas..
Riina looked beautiful
Emppu gave Lillis a hug
Mert knows how to strike a pose

we had a little troubble deciding where to go...

We ended up in this crazy club, Le Vains Douche, and danced the night away!


I finally found the perfect pair of Levi's 501! After a little DIY they look like this:



I found them in a little vintage shop in Marais,Vintage Desir 32 Rue Des Rosiers, Paris

fredag 27 november 2009


So, here I am in Paris and finally got the time to start blogging as I told everybody I would!

First things first, I live with Issa in this fancy area in Paris.
I work at Slides models management. My booker, Jenny, is amaizing.

I have been running around Paris, sitting home with Issa watching Moomin and been out partying. (running away from homeless people, beeing kicked out from a taxi, loving gay people, falling and looking like a person gone troug a bad botox operation. And that was Issa btw:D)

Here people love to ask me all sorts of questions. I been asked about where something is about 20 times(do I really look that confident walking around here? obviously I have no idea where anything is),"Can you take a picture?"(Oui oui) "Can I buy you a drink?"(It was a free bar) ," Do you want weed?" (haha, never), "Do you want to merry me?" (No), "Do you want to join the circus?" (Tempting, but..NO)Do you want to be in a interview for FASHION TV?"( NONONONO.. too late... they allready had the camera in my face and I heard myself was telling about how much I love to buy clothes for christmas presents to my friends and family(WTF?). I swear I had räkää coming out from my nose!!

And then I srecwed up at Sonia Rykiels today, but what happend I'll tell you in person.

Isabella made me a dress. It's from her summer collection. I Love It!